Friday, 7 August 2009

An update.

I have driven further in the last two weeks, than I ever thought possible. I didn't even know there was that much tarmac in the world. Most days consisted of at least an 8 hour drive, and let's not forget driving all night every couple of days! I say I drove, I actually just sat shotgun, eating seeds, reading and taking pictures out of the window. You can still feel sorry for me if you like. 

Since the last time I posted, we drove from Arizona, the whole length of california up to Seattle. Since Seattle we have been slowly working our way back east, through some of America's 'simpler' states. Like Idaho, potato capital of the US, who's proudest export is Elk Jerky, or Wyoming, where I was actually asked if my camera was "that internet everyone's talking about"
That last comment is the reason I stopped taking it into petrol stations, so alas, no picture evidence exists of my favourite product I found on the road, two vacuum packed, hard boiled eggs, cunningly titled 'Eggs ASAP!'

I realised, looking over old posts, that I talk very little about the shows. It's not that I don't enjoy them, just that a nightly account of whether or not I could hear my kick drum in my monitors isn't something I would be particularly interested in reading. But the shows have all been great on this tour, and I'm very lucky to be playing some amazing venues, in amazing cities, with some of the best bands in hardcore, past and present. 

The following 3 pictures are from a shop/art space/gallery I found in Pomona, CA.  

LA was by far one of the best nights of tour/my life. 

The view from the house of blues dressing room.


As usual, I am rushing the end of a post because I have to load out, and I spent too long trying to be funny. I will update sooner next time. 

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  1. Hi!
    So funny about "the internet thing" I had to tell a friend about it.
    He said they might be talking about 4G which is a new internet network in USA that allows to publish pics from specialised cameras straight onto the net. But at a gaz station in Wyoming on the other hand..maybe not?
    Hope you're having a nice trip! /Jonna (Linköping Sweden)