Friday, 27 March 2009


I knew when I started this blog that I wouldn't update it as frequently as I should, but on this tour I've been slack even by my own standards so I've decided to do a proper post, with some words, not just pictures.

The night after my last post we played Zedwitz in germany, which translates roughly as 'The end of the earth'. It was desolation personified. Still, there was cereal on the rider for the first time, so I was at least able to bring a long awaited soya milk rain to my proverbial muesli drought. After this oaty reunion we headed over to Hof airport to find this waiting for us - 

Thats right, self-appointed King of Essex and London, 'streets-are-his-catwalk' ex-model 'Famous One' Pid Payne, here looking decidedly unlike any of the above.
We head back to the venue, eat perhaps the worst hot food ever conceived, then play the worst we have played in months, maybe ever. We all blame it on Pid's one hour jet lag. At least there was half a van in the venue.

We loaded out in the snow and drove 100 metres to the other end of town (seriously) and stayed in Zedwitz's finest (only) hotel. Here's a couple of pictures to give you a feel for the place.

And my personal favourite - 

You're not bedsheets. Never have I slept more soundly, safe in the knowledge that Sea Biscuit and Shergar were keeping a watchful eye.
We manage to tear ourselves away from this palace and head towards Linz, Austria.
Obviously it wouldn't a visit to Austria with the 3 obligatory police stops and 70 euro fine for being overloaded.......oh, just us? Cheers Austria. 

We eventually make it to the venue using our preferred method - looking for the most graffiti covered, run down crack den in sight, which led us straight to the door of Ann and Pat's.
Despite our preconceptions, we were pleasantly suprised to find perhaps the best rider yet, all our beds already made up and internet connection. Turns out after soundcheck, we were being treated to the best stage sound yet, and when we played there was a real life long-haired metaller windmilling for the duration. I nearly stopped playing from laughing so hard when he first started tucking in. After the show, Dennis (this is hell drummer), Pid, Robbie and I went for a little stroll where we found no food, but a drunk man with a puppy and some concrete porches.

After all that excitement, we head back to the venue for 3 hours sleep, in which time Dennis shouts at a girl for staring at him while he's sleeping, and I lose my mind listening to This Will Destroy You. 

Thankfully, after our 7am start, this is the first thing i see - 

As soon as I caught sight of mountains, my tiredness altogether disappeared, and for the next 7 (7!) hours I stayed awake on my own and took over 200 photos. Thankfully I have chosen only a handful to share.

I am supposed to be loading out NOW so have to run. Please spare a thought for me carrying a full drum kit through a crowd of italian this is happening.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Some words.

Rum drunk, great show, Little Ben did guest vocals for this is hell, I love my life.

Sunday, 22 March 2009


Just come offstage in Trier. Played to a crowd of blank faces......who then came and bought loads of t-shirts, weird. Today has been fairly quiet as we were all lucky enough to get a lie in, so we have all been pretty sedentary. Nick, Little Ben and I found a swimming pool so I took some pictures.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

We have been watching this upwards of 30 times a day.

Yelling Goat.


Today I have mostly been looking at this.

As such, I have nothing of interest to write about, unless you want to read about little Ben and I screaming the name of Elliot from trainspotters cat in a german service station. Then I was going to find pictures of us playing from the last few shows, but got distracted by lolcats, so I'm just gonna post some pictures of us in funny glasses. Sorry.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hamburg by night...

is mental. Behold.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


It turns out that internet access has been limited to say the least thus far, so apologies for the lack of updates. Also, uploading photos seems to take forever, hence there aren't many yet.
Since I last wrote we have played in Berlin, then driven a 4'000 mile round trip to Orebro in Sweden and then back to Hamburg with a day off in between. Just come offstage in Hamburg, where we played probably the best yet, to perhaps the most placid group of people I've ever seen at any show, of any genre, including piano recitals. I can only imagine they're too full of hamburgers to move around. Things are looking up though, I've got the first of as many free staropramens as I can drink in front of me, and our driver john has already started making animal sounds in the bar. Tonight can only get better. Enjoy some pictures.