Sunday, 15 March 2009


We got picked up on thursday night by our new friend and driver John, then got the night ferry to france, where we had some celebratory first night of tour beers served by surly dover maids and took some pictures.

After that we drove through the night to Frankfurt airport to pick up TIH and meet the TBA. 
There was a slight delay in between TIH arriving and TBA guys meeting us, leaving us an hour hanging around Frankfurt airport, which for the most part involved Rick from TIH barely unable to contain his excitement about being back in europe, as this picture clearly illustrates -

Since then we've played two shows, in Wangen and Erfurt, both of which have been amazing. 
This is our first time playing in the mainland, so it's been so flattering that there's been a handful of kids at both shows who know the words and moved around. We're all still adjusting to being away, which means everyone sleeps a lot, both when we're driving and most of the time at the venues when no-one is playing. The obvious result of which is I currently don't have much to write about yet, so I'll just post a couple of pictures, more to follow.

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