Wednesday, 18 March 2009


It turns out that internet access has been limited to say the least thus far, so apologies for the lack of updates. Also, uploading photos seems to take forever, hence there aren't many yet.
Since I last wrote we have played in Berlin, then driven a 4'000 mile round trip to Orebro in Sweden and then back to Hamburg with a day off in between. Just come offstage in Hamburg, where we played probably the best yet, to perhaps the most placid group of people I've ever seen at any show, of any genre, including piano recitals. I can only imagine they're too full of hamburgers to move around. Things are looking up though, I've got the first of as many free staropramens as I can drink in front of me, and our driver john has already started making animal sounds in the bar. Tonight can only get better. Enjoy some pictures.


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  1. Thank you for making a "hamburg hamburger" joke. For this, I love you more!