Saturday, 18 July 2009

Atlanta/New Orleans/Texas

On this tour, the combination of frequent 6 or more hour drives, and early load-ins/door times 
means very little time to look around most of the towns we play in. Add the fact the venue is almost always on the wrong side of the tracks, and you might have more of an understanding as to why the above photo almost the only one I took in Atlanta. The show was probably the best yet however, and we were fed BBQ and free beer. Every cloud.

On the note of silver linings, the 11 hour overnight drive meant we arrived in New Orleans at 9 am, leaving me almost all day to look around. Here's what I saw. 

After the show we headed off again, although the previous night's drive had completely destroyed me by this point, and I remember very little about the drive, or the name of the nice kid who let us turn up and stay/shower at 3 in the morning. Thanks for the watermelon, no thanks to your demented kitten clawing my feet all night. 

Now in San Antonio, Texas, and regrettably the same story of long drives thus far killing any opportunity to look around. That and the ungodly heat. Dallas tomorrow, then into the desert.

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  1. The New Orelans pictures rule, thanks for those. Looks like you're having fun! Remember to drink lots of water, sleep, and wear sunscreen so your pasty white British skin doesn't sear off.