Tuesday, 14 July 2009

North Carolina/Knoxville

Aside from the show, the best thing about Jacksonville, North Carolina on a sunday, is this duck.

Rode travis' BMX around the 3 blocks that made up the town, and the only other thing worth seeing was the mexican restaurant Jones and I ate in, and Mr. B's Pawn shop, which was closed.

The next day we get to knoxville, load in, then get kicked out within 2 hours, due to a riot caused by security punching kids, and various members of all bands on the tour stepping in.
Downside of the situation was no-one got paid, upside was us, crime in stereo, death before dishonor, terror, trapped under ice and the ghost inside playing some kids garage 10 minutes away, making the local news, and getting hustled playing dice.

Left just as 15 cars(seriously) of knoxville's constabulary showed up. No pictures, as I was genuinely afraid of being arrested/deported. Cops got guns sen!!

Louisville last night was good, despite the town having literally nothing in except a pizza place with a booth made out of 2 cadillacs welded together, which I didn't even get a picture of.

In atlanta now, where it is hotter than I knew it could be outside of deserts, or the stage of the freebutt. Going to find mexican food.

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