Saturday, 21 February 2009


So I might have been a little optimistic to think enough would happen in an hour worth writing about. I may have been optimistic that anything that happens today is worth writing about. Never the less, I've started this so I'll finish. Besides, there is literally NOTHING else to do. The studio is in the middle of an industrial estate. I've been and spoken to the guys moving into the unit next to the studio who are starting a custom door and window company (they were an interesting bunch). Then I chased some seagulls. Short of walking the couple of miles in to Lancing town centre(!) there is nothing to do but sit here and watch Win display superhuman levels of patience and restraint as he resets for the 23rd guitar take. ("You've nearly got it, one more"). Pid is sitting next to me smirking as he did all his guitar takes in under an hour. Eddy is staring at the floor. Elliot has just redeemed himself with a take reminiscent of a young Eric Clapton. We might have lifted the curse. I'm going to stop writing before I jinx it. Vocals are next - hilarity may ensue.

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