Thursday, 19 February 2009

Train Spotters recording starts tomorrow.

My other band Train Spotters will be recording a demo tomorrow.

For me, any type of recording usually consists of 90% setting up and 9% listening back to takes I end up not using. The remaining 1% is the time I spend making mistakes while the red light is on. You may have guessed by now I don't enjoy recording very much. 

So, to make my studio experience a little bit more enjoyable I have decided that once I have tracked drums I will do an hour by hour updates as things progress. Or don't. We will have a video camera, so there may be some footage at some point, provided I can work out how to transfer it onto here without having a(nother) breakdown. If I'm successful you can expect to see such scenes as Pid deliberately playing things wrong to make Elliot cry, and Win (engineer) watching the clock and/or taking long periods of contemplation asking himself and, possibly the almighty lord, what he's done to deserve having to endure three 12 hour days with us.

I know you're all excited, but try to get some sleep. Tomorrow's a big day.

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