Thursday, 26 February 2009


You may have noticed the promise of an hourly update throughout the recording process wasn't exactly upheld. Anyone who has ever done any recording will probably be aware that, while an hour seems a fairly lengthy period of time in any other situation e.g waiting for a bus, watching any Tom Cruise film, in the studio it can take an hour to find the right guitar tone. Bearing that in mind, count up how many hours it would take to set up, record, then pack away. Then imagine reading about it......actually, don't. I had to sit through it, I'm not going to try and relive it anytime soon. Instead, I'll do a brief summary, focussing on the positive. 

Overall, it was a good weekend. Everyone just about managed to play everything right, it still needs some mixing but it's already sounding good. Our extremely long suffering engineer Win is the closest thing to a perfect human I've ever met. Not only did he put up with our combined incompetence/back-seat production driving/flatulence, he also made us sound something like a proper band. One with fans and everything. We celebrated Elliot's birthday on saturday by going to one of the 5 pubs in the village I live in, then playing drunk table tennis back at mine. 
Sunday comprised of not quite finishing the mixing, before heading to brighton to play my old band Once Over's last ever show. 

Again, although I had a great night, there is nothing to write that will be of any interest to anyone else. So to summarise, there were a lot of faces I havn't seen in ages, a lot of faces I don't see enough, and some faces contorted in a mixture of disgust and fear. Everyone dressed up, some better than others (Stee>Melmoth), we managed to remember all the songs, and Elliot stagedived. If I knew anything about computers I would do a link to the photos, but I don't. If you want to see them that much, find them on facebook or something. Snide.

Oh yeah, the main highlight of the weekend was Scott of Soundlocker Studios fame offering me a few shifts working at the studio before I go on tour, which is a godsend because I really didn't want to have to make up 8 things I supposedly did to find a job when I went to sign on. So that's where I am now, at the studio, listening to the band upstairs kick into Vertigo by U2 for the 9th time. One more time and I'm setting off the fire alarm.

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